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Be faster. Be more organized. BEMboard.

The BEMboard is the only software specifically designed for the process of building and launching a startup. It offers all the tools to support you in creating your prototype, MVP, MMP and MAP efficiently and effectively.

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Elements of the BEMboard
work package in BEMboard

Work packages

Work packages enable the startup manager and his team to group tasks and to adapt them to plan changes. Work packages are developed for a clearly defined and tidy startup mission.

Cluster your tasks after scopes, areas of responsibility, and goal stages. You will definitely keep a good overview thanks to work packages.

In addition, you get an intuitive summary of:

  • Estimated hours of implementation
  • Amount of worked hours
  • Number of hours left
BEM work packages support resource management significantly and help you to organize your business tasks in an agile way.

sticker in BEMboard


Stickers allow the startup manager and his team to plan and design tasks and to estimate the needed effort for finishing a task. Inside a sticker the spend time will be reported.

Experience an enhanced form of collaboration and business evolution to seamlessly connect divisions and business sectors.

With stickers you can administrate following Information:

  • Activities and time management
  • Documents and pictures
  • Collection of links
BEM stickers enable a transparent and organized collaboration – internally and externally.

report in BEMboard

Mission reporting

Mission reporting enables the startup manager to share facts and figures about the current state with share- and stakeholders. You can easily create a preview with the BEM software.

Enjoy simplified KPI reporting to pass on to investors, shareholders and other important key players of your startup mission.

Visualization of the implementation progress:

  • Entire startup mission
  • Overall track of the big pictures
  • Work packages (=scopes)
Easily creatable via mouse click and sharable as informative PDF documents. Be faster in reporting.

Perfect communication. Thanks to Slack integration.
Slack integration on devices

What is Slack?

Congratulations! You want to activate Slack in your mission.
1. Create a new BEMboard account for free and organize your business in an agile way
2. Activate your Slack plugin in your missions settings

After the activation you can start the slack pugin. Have fun!
For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via LiveChat or see more options here.

Benefit from our free BEMboard


2 Business Missions

  • Track per mission
  • Workpackage
  • Stickers
  • Team
  • Mission Report
    Overview Report
  • Slack Plugin

Additional benefits

  • Capacity
  • Support
    During business hours
  • Webinars
Customer feedback
social-schweiz logo
Baschi Sales, CEO — Social Schweiz

 With the BEMboard it’s much easier for us to collaborate with stakeholders. We now communicate more transparent and can put more focus on financing our Projects. 

luckabox logo
Aike Festini, CEO — LuckaBox GmbH

 With the up4d BEM software, I managed my backlogs and my business mission tasks. I was able to measure the efficiency and progress successfully. We always knew where we stood and knew exactly the rest distance to the next goal.