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up4d Webinar 2018:

Investor Talk


At this event we cover topics like:
  • Designing a website
  • Organizing a website
  • Verifying user behaviour
  • URL structure

Keep your business mission fit with the up4d Event Agenda 2018. We would be happy if you participate. You can expect valuable events with enough space for suggestions, exchange and networking.


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Gaining knowledge on how to visually design a website.
Building a navigation structure.
Learning how to outline a website.
Continious website improvement.
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Independency in creating a website.
Creating in a structurized way.
Understanding needs of users.
Saving time on further website adaptions.
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You will get

Unlimited free access to the up4d BEM software.
Practical experience.
Free poster: "The evolutionary management method".
More webinars based upon this topic.

Structure of a website

How to create the online presence of a company?

Everyone knows websites. Today most of the people surf the internet everyday. Websites are one of the main touchpoints to the customer. A lot of work and planning is necessary to create overseeable and well structured websites. The reason for this are the many informations, links and interaction elements that have to be combined on a website.

In this webinar we show you how you can structure your own website.

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3 mins

Short introduction of the speaker.
Thomas Kistler

27 mins
  • Visual designing process
  • Formating a website
  • Verifying user behaviour
  • Continious improvement

Thomas Kistler

15 mins

Q&A and group discussion.
Thomas Kistler