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Inside view of ANNA building

Intercultural possibilities

In Switzerland, our office is located in the beautiful municipal Buchs (near Zurich). Here you find our remote office, a place for networking and local support.

In Vietnam, we are located in the Quang Trung Software Park in district 12 of Ho Chi Minh City. We share this park with 16,000 people interested in ICT technology from 20 countries.

We benefit from 24x7 technical support service, high internet and security standards, 3 universities, 18 restaurants and much more.

The ANNA Building is the ideal performance and development location. It offers up-to-date international safety standards and is integrated into an optimal recruitment environment.

People collaborating

Collaboration method

We prefer an agile and lean oriented mission methodology to cooperate jointly and to evolve your business vision mission successfully to the launch and beyond.

In short iterations, we elaborate mission facts and figures and reduce risks. We develop sustainable implementation strategies for you and accompany you in the business innovation.

Developers sitting outside and talking about business topics

Communication and service

A simple clear and uncomplicated communication is a very important success factor in your business vision mission. We place great emphasis on clear and highly meaningful meeting conversations with short iterations.

Benefit from the time-zone difference. You will be able to extend your working day and profit from many hours of us working on your project. All while you’re asleep.

Software engineer working on a laptop

up4d Software

The architecture of the agile up4d software meet all modern standards on Safety and Contemporarity. The implemented software components include W3C standards and further best practices.

We’re always focused to offer the highest data security possible. Our software offers digital interfaces for software offerings like Slack. So you can customize the software to your individual user behavior.


We are available from 8:30 am till 5 pm (Central European Time Zone):

+41 (44) 586 78 78
+84 (028) 371 50 938

We are available from 8:30 am till 5 pm (Central European Time Zone):


Documents for a successful startup assistance

We are passionate about helping investors and entepreneurs, Startups and change management missions in restructuring and evolving their business visions with our product and service offerings. We offer expertise in the application of the BEM Framework, fact research, risk and complexity management as well as 360° success monitoring. In our document you also find more information about our company

We are an official partner of the IBEM Association

International BEM Association

The “International BEM Association” is aimed at innovative entrepreneurs who want to gain deeper understanding of the evolutionary management method and who want to implement this method into their business strategy.

"Standing on the shoulder of giants". The goal is to build up on existing knowledge and to see a little further than the competitors (like in the Greek mythodology). The resulting advantage empowers entrepreneurs and visionaries of upper management levels to plan and act successfully.

BEM Framework empowers to take action

The BEM framework contextualizes the most important management methods. It defines principals of individual behavior methods for the manager, as well as the time of cooperation on organizational levels. By doing that, a meta model with focus on evolutionary management can be created.

The framework does not interfere with existing methods and concepts but instead aligns them for a superordinate comprehension.

From the field for the field

The mission of the “International BEM Association” is to further develop an evolutionary framework and to represent it on international levels.

Therefore the association gives answers on how evolutionary management methods affect the business development. The association develops and authorizes methods together with BEM academy providers. Afterwards the academy providers qualify and certify BEM operators and BEM service providers.

This enables an efficient and harmonic collaboration standard, using the BEM framework and its methods. The “International BEM Association” acts independently and can be joined by memberships.


With a lot of patience and diligence you have scientifically refined the BEM framework. Thank you for all of your precious incitation and contributions, today and in future.

Anne-Sophie Hildebrandt, EWERK Group, member of the scientific BEM committee, BEM Event October 2017 organised by up4distribution
Anne-Sophie Hildebrandt, EWERK Group, Leipzig, DE
Member of the scientific BEM committee