Accelerates the Venture Value Creation

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up4distribution every day for investor and startup successes

up4distribution, a Swiss company with a branch in Ho Chi Minh City, VN is positioned as startup accelerator and accelerates
ventures on investor searches, revenue development and on scale ups of startups. 

Your teammates

The up4distribution team works every day for successes of startups

We assist every day global investor and startup successes from our Ho Chi Minh City branch office, you will benefit from the free time shift, so “free” speed for you!

Together we will find investors for Ventures, developing your future revenue also we refining data, design and develop prototypes, MVP’S and homepages, so we have a lot of helping hands and skills for you and your Startup. 

Your successes are our successes!

Agile project management
up4distribution kollaboriert mit dem Team und den Managern im Startup Portfolio iterativ

up4distribution collaborates iteratively with
the startup portfolio team and the managers. 

Celebrate small successes
Die kleinen Erfolge zu feiern ist wichtig für die Motivation und den positiven Projektspirit

Celebrating “small” successes it is important for
the future motivation and a positive project spirit. 

Continuous Improvements
Lerne aus jeder Iteration, verbessere unverzüglich und mach es das nächstemal besser

Learn from each iteration, improve immediately and do it better the next time.

How does our cooperation work?

up4 distribution collaborates with investors and startups globally on interculturally over multiple jurisdictions and several
time zones, find here important informations.


Mutual respect is a very important credo of the up4distribution team, we respect opinions, genders and religions equally.

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As Swiss company, all contracts, financial transactions and the place of jurisdiction are based on Swiss law.

Time Zones

up4distribution provides a very high level of remote collaboration skills, the most of the customers we don’t know personally.

Intercultural Venture Opportunities


Investors will find an access to global startups through up4distribution.

up4distribution only presents ventures to investors which passed successfully through all steps of a financial, legal and physical due diligence processes. 

Let us know what you are looking for

Interkulturelle Möglichkeiten ohne Grenzen

Startups will also find an access to global  Investors with up4distribution.

up4distribution will provide many helpful hands to Startups on all Due Diligence, Investor- selection and addressing preparations. 

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Startup Mentoring Hotline

Startups have a high need on exchanges and mentoring, but consultants are expensive for this reason up4distribution provide
the startup mentoring hotline, 30 minutes for € 45 and 60 minutes for € 85 mentoring as a video call.

up4distribution and Partnerships

up4distribution collaborates with multiples organizations, brokers and reinsurance companies

We are constantly looking for local up4d ambassadors and representatives

Interested? Book here call with Thomas Kistler, CEO of up4d

International BEM Association

As a non-profit organisation, the International BEM Association is committed to providing venture managers as well as investors with a unique opportunity to acquire the necessary tool set for seamless international collaboration.

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