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How our collaboration works

Collaboration method

Working in a lean way and with an agile project management methodology, we encourage close team collaboration, short work iterations, elaborate a clear big picture of the mission, as well as a development and implementation strategy. In order to reduce risks and achieve a steady progress, we continuously use KPIs for measurement.

Our goal is to develop strategies for you and accompany you in the sustainable implementation of your business innovation.

Communication and service

We believe in a clear, straight forward communication, only hold highly meaningful meetings and define short work iterations with regular approvals: Transparent and efficient communication is an important factor when realizing a successful business mission.

Furthermore, you profit from extended working hours through the convenient time zone difference – we work while you are asleep.

up4d Software

BEMboard, our free agile project management software, meets all latest standards regarding contemporary technology, as well as the highest possible security. The implemented software components are GDPR conform and include further best practices.

In addition, our software features digital interfaces for software contributions like Slack and offers space for individual customization according to your special needs.

Intercultural possibilities

In Switzerland, our office is located in the beautiful municipal Buchs (near Zurich). Here you find our remote office, a place for networking and local support.

In Vietnam, we are located in the Quang Trung Software Park in district 12 of Ho Chi Minh City.

We share this park with 16,000 people interested in ICT technology from 20 countries.

We benefit from 24x7 technical support service, high internet and security standards, 3 universities, 18 restaurants and much more.

The ANNA Building is the ideal performance and development location. It offers up-to-date international safety standards and is integrated into an optimal recruitment environment.

Our Ecosystem Stream:
Simple and always up-to-date

In consideration of the GDPR 2018, up4d decided to stop all email campaigns and started to prepare the Investor and Startup Ecosystem News Stream. This social group encourages everyone to connect with other like-minded professionals. Ultimately, connections like these will help you drive greater business value and improve your connectivity.

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Our partnerships

International BEM Association

The International BEM Association is a non-profit organisation that develops the Business Evolution Management, short BEM, Framework. BEM targets entrepreneurs who want to lay a solid foundaton for starting a business, gain deeper understanding of evolutionary business management and be condfident to seize international collaboration opportunities.

Social Selling Group

The "Social Selling Group" is aimed at international social selling providers who want to offer social selling services on a professional level. It sets the global quality standard for the social selling network with knowledge, best practice expertise and its support as a partner.