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up4distribution is official BEM Ambassador
in Vietnam

The International BEM Association, short IBEM, is a non-profit organisation that develops and maintains the Business Evolution Management, short BEM, Framework

BEM Ambassadors offer access to internationally standardised business evolution education through local BEM Academies.

BEM certification lays the foundations for building a startup and enables venture managers to collaborate internationally, and therefore opens new opportunities for efficient use of a limited budget.

BEM Certification Roles

The BEM Framework combines comprehensive methodological knowledge and sets an international standard for efficient interaction and quality enhancement in a venture’s collaboration with their share- and stakeholders.

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Your benefits

Get internationally standardised education and certification for global collaboration opportunities

Acquire comprehensive skills and knowledge for starting a business and leading it through a successful evolution

Become an all-round solution hero and build the confidence to choose a suitable methodology during each stage of your venture's maturity

Gain quality and efficiency enhancements as well as advantages over the competition by seizing international collaboration opportunities

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BEM certification
as a solid foundation for business success

As the official BEM Ambassador, up4distribution offers exclusive access to BEM education in Vietnam. If you are interested but unsure which role fits you best, don’t hesitate to contact us to let us figure out together!