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Boost your startup strategy - Become BEM certified

Learn to develop your startup using the BEM Framework. Startup management in 5 steps.

bem framework
bem framework
bem framework
bem framework
bem framework
bem framework
bem framework
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Our BEM academy network:

Together with the IBEM association we provide a serious fundament to connect with investors. Investors know about our qualities and prefer to invest in startups certified by us.

Becoming BEM certified by our academy not only brings you a big step further in understanding how to do a market analysis, build a CI and CD, develop a business strategy and run a business the agile way, but also increases the chance of getting investments to fuel your vision and boost your startup. Use the chance of getting further training for a successful business strategy.

How it works

how it works
1. Travel to Vietnam to get further training
how it works
2. Become trained individually by our up4d team
how it works
3. Get certified after one of the three certification methods
how it works
4. Travel back officially BEM certified
3 ways of becoming certified (Coming soon)

A venture architect develops strategic concepts for projects, identifies market needs and manages the eco system of the business.

  1. Ensure know-how + capabilities to become a venture architect.
  2. Be responsible for network build-up and management.
  3. Run recruiting interviews for future staff.
  4. Insure team development (constantly).
  5. Mentoring of leads + services.
  6. Be responsible for corporate relationships.
  7. Ensure close relationship to business experts.
  8. Establish business cases including financial planning + possibility studies.
  9. Lead execution of key functions.
  10. Define target stage gates + potential commercial constructs.
  11. Lead preparation of contractual agreements.
  12. Define the MVP jointly with product management and strategic design lead.
  13. Provide insights from trends in the digital world.
  1. Topic expertise of digital business models.
  2. Expertise in product prototyping and product testing
  3. Strategic startup development.
  4. Business planning.
  5. Leadership of multidisciplinary teams.
  6. Agile working methodology
  7. HR development + personal interviews


A strategic designer analyses the user behaviour, helps to develop the CI and CD strategy for products and services of the business and develops and tests new visual-functional concepts.

  1. Give centric customer directions and define MVP and steady state product jointly with venture architect and product manager.
  2. Clearly define personas and understand the customers including their frictions.
  3. Oversee user integration and concept testing.
  4. Control the strategic design ideation sessions.
  5. Lead overall strategic design team in collaboration with UI/UX director.
  6. Be in charge of general user integration and concept testing.
  7. Ensure know-how and capabilities to build-up a strategic design team.
  8. Conduct recruitment for lead and senior positions
  9. Mentor the lead and seniors
  1. Consumer research and market insight
  2. Problem solving and extrapolstion skills of ethnographic data
  3. Creative leadership roles
  4. Know-how in setting up customer centric product testing
  5. Understanding real life personas
  6. Product prototype testing
  7. Quantitative and qualitative testing
  8. Agile working methodology
  9. HR development and personal interviews
  10. Leading multidisciplinary teams


A product manager holds the responsibility for the product delivery, plans and invents project methods and leads the product development team.

  1. Develop a product strategy.
  2. Lead general product development including setup of product strategy and master plan / roadmap (MVP, alpha, beta, launch).
  3. Take responsibility for general product / market fit + design & monitoring of product KPIs.
  4. Clearly prioritize ideas & product backlog + sign-off final product delivery.
  5. Manage venture product team + agile team + align with tech & design teams to ensure consistency with general strategy.
  6. Promise analysis + insights of market, technology and product trends.
  7. Be in charge of general product responsibility.
  8. Ensure know-how + capabilities to build up a product management team.
  9. Build up a product management network and run specific recruiting interviews.
  10. Motivation and mentoring of leads + seniors.
  1. Experience in product management
  2. Understanding of digital business models
  3. Desire to build products and services that customers will love
  4. Leadership of multidisciplinary teams
  5. Agile working methodology
  6. HR development + personal interviews

Customer feedback
sollberger logo
Stefan Sollberger, CEO — Sollberger

 A great professional development training! I suggest the certification to startups and investors. Our presentations work way better and we now know how to identify the most important performance indicators. In addition, we use the BEMboard to continuously improve our task management. It works well and saves time.